August 1, 2009


Living in the city isolates us from the natural world. Built environments are barriers to greenery, fresh air, sea breezes and sunlight. Skyscrapers soar above us instead of trees, while laneway stench emanates from the city grid. Bio-accessories is a series of wearable couture pieces which mask the unpleasant sights, sounds and scents of the city in an attempt to bring some of the natural world back into civil living.

Each piece of Bio-accessories incorporates a living organism to accompany the wearer throughout their day, creating a symbiotic relationship. The human tends to the animal or plant, which reciprocates by bringing fresh air, light, greenery, privacy or birdsong to the wearer. The pieces are representative of mobile natural environments, framed within a fashionable alternative – the couture accessory. With a trend towards boutique individuality, Bio-accessories provide an unusual take on the wearable garment.

Bio-accessories is an experimental speculation of responsive, functional, fashionable and emotional craft within a city living context.

Bio-accessories will show as part of Craft Victoria’s Craft Cubed – exhibiting at the City library for the month of August